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Brought to you by @Spongenuity and the team behind @0x_b1
10,000 collectible NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain
Spunks marketplace

Stage One

Burn Bunks on BNB Smart Chain
Ended Jun 24 @ 2:00 PM local time
Stage One Complete!

Stage Two

Claim Spunks on Ethereum
Ended Jun 29 @ 8:00 PM local time
Stage Two Complete!

How it works, from Bunks to Spunks

Step 1
People burn Bunks they have in their own wallet, by sending Bunks to the burn address.
Step 2
Spongenuity algorithmically generates Spunks of different types, rarity and attributes.
Step 3
Bunk Burners claim Spunks that emerge from continuous single CMYK colored lines.
Spunks marketplace

Spunks Roadmap

1. Merchandise: Forthcoming During Q3

Merchandise sales will reward top Spunks holders
Very limited-edition, numbered Spongenuity merchandise will be sold in small batches. Spunks merchandise will feature the rarest Spunk, on a Hoodie.
Hoodies are exclusive to ONLY the rarest species. The net revenue from this particular merchandise will be split among: (1) Rarest Spunk owner; (2) All rarest species owners; and, (3) the project.
The Hoodie, and all merchandise, will come with commemorative NFTs
These NFTs will grant owners exclusive access to many things. Additionally, the "Hoodie NFT" will have a royalty which is split among the rarest species owners.
Get excited because soon other merchandise lines directly benefiting rare Spunk holders will be released. Examples: Doge Socks, Bot Beanies and many others.
Collaborations with NFT artists from all over the Metaverse are being discussed, as many of these artists are not simply in the digital world but bring their craft to the physical world.
For instance, Spongenuity typically embroiders his signature style of design, which consists of single lines being coded and drawn into complexity, onto his merchandise.

2. Stake and Farm: Forthcoming During Q3

Stake your Spunks at one of the NFT staking platforms. Your staked position will accumulate more power to redeem other Spunks.
Bunk Burners will receive +20% to their farming power!

Join the Spunks Community

You can engage with the community by joining the Discord SPUNKS Server and following @spunksnft on Twitter.
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What are Spunks?

Spunks marketplaceSpunks provenance
Spunks were created by visual & generative artist @Spongenuity. With the help of @0x_b1, this is one of the first projects to ever create new art out of a burning. And the first NFT ever to perform a cross-chain vampire attack.
Burn BNB Smart Chain rip-off Punks, “Bunks” @bscbunks, to receive a new Ethereum Chain Spongenuity Spunk.

How do I get a Spunk?

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When do I get to see my Spunks?

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What kind of ownership do I have over my Spunk?

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How are Spunks created?

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What can be expected of Spunks over the next 12 months?

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How do I hold my Spunks and where can I view them?

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Why are Spunks facing the opposite way of Punks?

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Are the Attributes exactly like Punks/Bunks?

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Can I still burn some bunks?

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Until when can I claim my Spunks?

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How can I learn more or engage with the community?

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Producer and Artist statements

0xb1.484 | 四八四
0xb1.484 | 四八四
The purpose behind the cypherpunks and cryptocurrency was decentralization and freedom. A centralized blockchain is the opposite of this noble mission. The only way to stop the copy-paste project was to burn and bring in a true artist to create something real and beautiful. The code of Spunks mimics the original math Larva Labs used in order to give a familiar sense of rarity, but the generative art, and method by which it is promulgated, is new.
Spongenuity. 💯
Spongenuity. 💯
It has been said all Punks face forward in looking towards the future. Creating Spunks was the righting of a wrong. Months ago, 0x_b1 and I witnessed the plagiarism of the largest and oldest NFT in the crypto space. For this reason, Spunks are facing backwards, looking towards the past to exact justice. In order to acquire Spunks, the user burns Bunks on the BNB Smart Chain and in return they receive something new on the Ethereum chain.
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